Java Monkey

Whether you’re looking to drink a cup of tea and study for finals, catch up on some work, or casually relax with some friends over a nice glass of wine, Java Monkey is the spot to go. This coffee shop has the best coffee in Decatur, and you won’t find an atmosphere like this at Starbucks. They also feature a lot of poetry events including their famous open mic poetry night hosted by Kodac Harrison as well as musical performers. So it’s an excellent place to soak up the arts and the culture.

There are several different sections of Java Monkey. The comfy couches are great for sitting around and catching up with old friends over lattes. The performance space is a great place to see up and coming and established poets and singer/songwriters. The bar is a great place to sit and chat with friends over a beer or a glass of wine. And there are a lot of tables where you can set you your laptop or textbooks and study or work hard.

There is also a nice outside patio section for when the weather is nice. Enjoy a nice Decatur day as you sip your coffee or tea. You can people watch, read a book, or talk with your friends and loved ones. This is an awesome place to hang out alone, with a group of friends, or one-on-one with a friend or a significant other. And it’s one of my favorite places to be in Decatur.